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Can you hear me?
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Well, that was easy.

Rachel just calmly walked off, once again spouting some crazy religious nonsense of some kind. Saying that there was some kind of prophecy that was to be fulfilled in two days, and talking like some cliched anime or video game character. Maybe one who ran around with a sword, slicing and dicing into everything in her path, while praying to some evil god that needed sacrifices, human ones, the flesh and blood of man! She would then be killed by the hero and sacrificed to her own god.

Nah, that wasn't going to happen. This wasn't a video game, though she wished it was. Wished.

The other girl had grabbed Marty's legs, causing Chase to almost drop him and to rearrange how exactly she held him, so that two people could grab both ends. If there was one thing she did not want to do right now, it was to drop him. One, as noted it wouldn't help him at all. Second, that Retro-Guy might freak out if his friend was hurt again. She would too if- if-

Don't think about that. Don't think about them.

Marty's buddy started to comment that they should probably put him down since Rachel was gone now. Chase was about to respond, but suddenly a loud groan came out of nowhere. A quick glance down told her it was coming from Marty, and that he was starting to become more aware. He was awake? Or rather, just starting to?

A sad smile passed onto her face as his friend rushed to his side, tears on his face. It was good to see that Marty was just starting to wake up, and that he had a friend nearby. It was good indeed. And yet... it once again reminded Chase of her friends. She didn't want to think about it. She just didn't want to. And yet it came up in her mind every once in a while. She... kind of missed them already.

Within a few seconds, though, Chase snapped out of it.

"Hey... we should put him d-down so he doesn't think we're like... trying to rape him or something...." she said to the other girl holding him up.

And that's when it hit her.

That girl with the spiky hair gave it back to the girl with dyed hair.

The crowbar. She had it again.

Chase couldn't help but get worried again. Heck, worried? She knew what her having the crowbar meant. She saw everything. Every little thing on the beach. And just how that girl had attacked Marty just so he would stay silent. Chase had to admit, she did agree with her on some levels, but hurting Marty in a way that could kill him wasn't the way to go. They could have easily talked it over or something. And yet, she hurt Marty. He could die this way if they weren't careful.

Spiky-Head went on to ask for it back, after telling Ben not to follow Rachel. Now, Chase remembered her little rant about her gun and how they all lost their chance. So, either way, either one of them having it meant they were screwed. Either way, some potentially dangerous would have it.

And that's when it hit her.

"Hey... uh... girl with the pinkish hair? I... I c-could hold on to it for you and uh... Spiky-Head! Yeah! I could keep it on me for you t-two and then... uh... I'm n-not a player, trust me", she said.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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