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((Jacob Charles continues from Youth and Beauty Brigade))

See, there was two things on Jacobs mind the moment the group of three heard the second announcement for the day.


Holy....Kwong's alive?

And 2.

What the fuck has Liz Polanski done now?

In all of Jacob's time at Bayview, he'd never given a second thought to the fact that someone in his class might be someone peculiar. No, he'd been with these guys for such a long time, and even now, when death was becoming second nature, he'd just focused upon himself and his own problems. Never thought about the little weird kids, like Polanski, who, by the sound of it, seemed to be so weird or some shit like that that Danya wanted her throat. Tampering with the collars? What the hell did that mean? Did she get it off? What did that mean now? It meant that she could just go into places that other people couldn't, and that was that. She still didn't have any way off the island if she really had her collar off or something.

What the hell, Jacob didn't know this stuff, he was just guessing.

The only thing that slightly worried him at first was the fact that he now had a 1-200, and getting higher by the minute, chance of loosing his head if Polanski wanted to fuck around with the big guy, he knew that. When Kwong's voice announced the death, he was only slightly worried. Not because he had arrogance about the fact that the chance of him being 'sploded was so little, but about the fact that he'd given up caring whether he lived or died. That caring died with the girl he loved.

So he'd tagged along silently with Colin and Tim, not telling them squat. By the third announcement of the day, they knew him no better than when he joined them a few days ago.

So they made their way back to the town. Fucking hell, all the houses looked the same three days later, and Jacob didn't even try to stop the group so he could look for his bag, it'd take forever going through them all. As they walked, Jacob ignoring the urge to try and find both Paige and his bag again, he saw that they were getting closer to the right centre of the town. Big fountain, probably lots of people there as well. He didn't know if it was a good a place as any to get their bearings right, but then again, that was why Jacob wasn't their leader.

Colin stopped them from going any further towards the figure (or was it figures?) already there, and they stopped, nestled between two of the closest buildings, and-holycrapdidmycollarjustbeep?

Not that Jacob was worried or anything. A surprise, nothing else.

Looking around at Colin, he saw the same panic on his face as well. It wasn't at Jacob's, it was at his own. He didn't know if Tim had the same thing going for him, but more than likely, since it happened to both of them. What the hell? This place wasn't a danger place, now was it? No, he'd heard the announcements with his own ears.

Course, what else he heard with his own ears just got a little update when the announcements came on again.

Kwong was gone, Danya was back. Liz was doing more shit, and more collars were being blown. As the sadist began to read off more names, he didn't look at his newfound friends. He sat himself on the ground where they stood, sat, etc, head hung between his knees again. No point showing how much he really didn't care at this point whether or not his head shot off like a firecracker.

That didn't happen; only three names, none of them his.

As soon as the PA crackled off, he lifted his head and looked again towards the fountain. Yep, he was right, it was definitely 'figures', since there was more than one of them. He turned his head towards Colin and spoke up for really the first time since the beach.

"There's people over there, right? I dunno any of 'em that well, so do we wanna go see if they're friendly or something?"
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