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Alan Rickhall, the guy with the slight accent. Jessie wanted to say drama club. Jimmy Robertson, footballer, got beaten up badly towards the beginning of the year. She knew him, at least a little. Even so... they weren't exactly helping things out here. Jessie was sure that neither of them meant any harm, but jeez, with tensions already high, the last thing any of them needed was for a couple of guys to stumble gaily in before the initial encounter had even been resolved. Bad timing, to say the least.

Mike looked like he was maybe about to say something in response to Jessie's bold (foolish? Naive? No, she knew the risks) when, of all things, the PA system rumbled into life. Jessie slowly let her hands drop to her sides, looking around in confusion, as if that would help her discover the reason for the abrupt change in schedule. There was a fleeting, very fleeting hope that it would be some friendly gentleman on the address, telling them that they needn't be worried, Danya had been dealt with and they should just sit tight to be saved.

No such luck.


It's cliche... but it was the last person I ever expected to hear speaking. How could any of us? So far as we knew, he was dead, gunned down w-with all of the others. Those weren't his words though... they were Danya's, Danya speaking through him. Not until the end did he let any of himself through.

In some ways... In some ways I almost think he had it worse than us.


And just like that, they'd blown Daiskue's collar. Daisuke Nagazawa, the kid that had only transferred into Bayview at the beginning of senior year, from... was it California? California sounded right. Jessie never really got to know him, he was... distant, even though she'd tried to make him feel welcome (like she did any transfer, a friendly face meant a lot). Not even killed in this sick game, just... blown up out of nowhere. On a whim, as a warning, almost.

Lord almighty... please give me strength.

Mr. Kwong had sai- ...No. Danya had said through Mr. Kwong, that they should kill Liz Polanski, kill one of the only people with the courage and the smarts to actually take on the game. Liz... nothing sprang to- wait. The short, gothy type girl, the one that aced every test in every math class. And now, now there was some kind of bounty on her head.

Would some people out there be stupid enough, selfish enough, to try and take Danya up on that? ...Yes, yes they would.

Which meant she had no time to waste here. This was foolhardy to the extreme, but there was no way - no way on God's green Earth that Jessie was going to let something like that fall by the wayside. It couldn't take a back seat (well... perhaps, Jessie was a little guilty to admit, Imraan). If Jessie could somehow help this Liz... heck if she could even find her...

Maybe... maybe she could prevent another DK.

Jessie stopped in her tracks.

"Sorry," she said flatly. "I can't ignore that. ...Good luck, guys."

Then she spun and started running as hard as she could.

"God protect all of you."

((Jessie continued in Shaker))
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