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What on earth was so difficult to understand about the phrase "hands empty"? It was such a simple request. Basic stuff, show you weren't hostile, that sort of thing. And yet, no, here was this guy, this guy Aaron didn't even know, waltzing around with his gun out. Either joking or inciting an incident. Turning everything way more messy than it had to be. For extra excitement, there was that other guy, dressed all nice. Two new people, people who knew each other. People who had issues with each other.

Instantly, Aaron came up with a large number of possible explanations for the situation. The easiest, of course, was that it was a trap. These guys were tag-teaming them, preparing some of ambush to separate and disarm them. The seeming stupidity of both people involved played into that, made them seem harmless. Of course, he wasn't quite happy with that explanation, because the hostility between the two seemed fairly genuine. This led him to believe that something else was going on. The suspicious one, of course, was the guy with the gun. He'd chosen not to disarm himself. This meant that he was stupid, arrogant, or had a trick up his sleeve. His words were at odds with his actions; while he presented an affected aura of cheerful jest, he also took a physically threatening position.

Aileen asked who they were, and Lily called the guy out on his tasteless joke. Aaron could work that. His first instinct, of course, was to push a little bit, see if he could provoke a more heated emotional response from one or both. The best option for that would be to simply invite the gun-wielder to shoot the other guy unopposed. Unfortunately, doing so wouldn't really be a wise move in terms of group cohesion, whether or not Aaron had any pans to let him carry it out. No, Lily had to be humored. She was Aaron's best supporter. That meant taking her side here.

The guy without the gun introduced himself as Milo Taylor. Aaron recognized the name, but couldn't quite place why. Wasn't the guy retarded or something? Just what he needed right now. Then again, if he wasn't dangerous, there was a chance he'd actually be useful, easy to get to help out. None of that pesky contradictory nature so many of Aaron's compatriots seemed to have (and speaking of such, where was Richard?). It took him a second, but Aaron had a plan.

"Yeah, Lily's right," he said, shifting the pistol to cover the guy with the gun. "That's not a very good first impression to make. So, how I see it now, you've got two choices. You can piss off, and we'll pretend this never happened and go our seperate ways, or you can prove yourself trustworthy. If you want to stick around here, you either put that gun down, or you take the clip out and put it a little ways away. Chambered round, too." Aaron was very, very glad he'd taken the time to read the manual for his gun. It'd have just been a lovely surprise for someone to have a single shot when Aaron thought they were dry.

Without shifting his gaze, he said, "And Milo, if he sticks around, you could be a great help by frisking him for surprises."

Oh yes. If there was something absolutely certain to upset this guy, Aaron was fairly sure it'd be having Milo's hands all over him. Three ways things could go, now. The guy could turn out to be smart, walk away from what was clearly a bad deal. He could be trusting, follow the instructions, and probably end up better off in the long run.

He could also be dumb and start something. Aaron was near a big, solid tree, just in case. No point getting gunned down over something stupid.
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