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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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((Evelyn Reed continued from Cleanliness and Lonliness))

Evelyn silently trailed after Thea, lightly chewing on her bottom lip. She didn't know what to say. How do you comfort someone who'd lost their boyfriend? After the announcement, she had offered what sympathy and comfort she could but it was starting to sound hollow. Words were not going to bring James back. Oh, James...

Poor James. Poor overly polite, slightly doofy James. He had been such an unlikely pick for a cheerleader's boyfriend but Thea had really loved him. He hadn't deserved to die, especially at the hand of a skank like Hayley. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair. James had so much more potential, so much more to give to the world. Hayley had robbed him all that time, all of that potential. And more importantly, she had robbed Thea of her happiness.

Thea stopped and leaned against a tree with Evelyn stopping a few steps behind her to give her privacy but be close enough if assistance was required. The straps of the bags were starting to bite into her shoulders now that they had stopped walking. She tried to discreetly adjust them, her face screwed up as straps on one of the bags pulled her hair. She must not have been successful since Thea turned to her and asked for James' bag.

Scurrying over, Evelyn dumped the other two bags before carefully placing James' bag at Thea's feet. Dropping to her knees, she sat back on her heels while quietly waiting to see what Thea was going to do next. It was important to be as supportive to Thea as possible, since Thea had been taking care of her up til now.
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