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((Open but be warned that there will be quite a few people joining this thread with Thea, if you could wait until all parties are accounted for we'd be grateful. Thea Kairos continued from Cleanliness and Lonliness.))

Thea drug her feet through the leaves and debris on the ground, scuffing her designer sneakers beyond repair. She’d been doing okay for; she glanced at her watch, oh the last twenty minutes, until they’d entered the forest. She sighed deeply and wiped her face again. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around it. He’d been fine helping Winnie out of the tree in his own awkward way. A ghost of a smile flitted across her face as she remembered the scene. Why didn’t she stay with him? Why had she let herself get so angry at him?

She slumped against a tree not really feeling up to going much further at the moment. What was the point honestly? She should have known better than to let him out of her sight, this stupid island, this stupid game would take James from her. No, no it wasn’t this game it was Hayley Kelly; Hayley that had decided to play along and taken her James. If she did nothing else she would make sure that Hayley paid for it. There had to be some point to all her popularity, to all the friends she’d made. She’d make sure Hayley was on everyone’s hit list. How dare she take someone she loved!

She glanced up at the others, fire in her eyes, as she tried to get herself under control. She’d been doing this a lot switching from one extreme to another. If she didn’t get herself under control there would be nobody to lead this little group. Evie and Alex had reason to be a little off, but Jason he went off because people fought. What the hell was that about? I could have sworn that he’d been hanging around them long enough; to have seen a dressing down of those that thought they could simply declare themselves one of them. Hell, he’d been outside that funhouse of mirrors when she’d told those followers to back off and leave her the hell alone. Where did he get off?

She decided to get her mind occupied with something and asked Evie for James’ bag. She figured the least she could do was see if there was anything in there she could remember him by or bring home to his family.
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