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((Alex Jackson continued from Not What I Was Expecting ))

Alex Jackson had no idea why she was retracing her steps yet again, but something told her that she needed to get back to the forest. Well, what was left of the forest, she decided it must be hope for finding more information about Roman. She had no idea whether Simon would still be hanging around, but she had to try something. At least that’s what she kept telling Jessica. The truth was she had no idea why exactly she needed to go back there, but something was telling her too. She’d learned a long time ago not to ignore the sense, but it seemed silly to try to explain.

She made her way across the remains of the forest, and flopped down on one of the stumps. There was nobody here. She let out an exasperated sigh. So much for hunches, apparently they didn’t do well in life or death situations. Well regardless she was finally going to have a bite to eat. She rummaged through her bag; looking through the remains she selected a few more pieces of bread.

“You know we really should think about seeing if we can’t hunt up some meat. All this bread and crackers is really starting to wear on me,” Alex mentioned to Jessica. She dug out a bottle of water. We should also see if we can’t find some more water. I’ve been spending so long worrying about finding Roman and running away from our crazier classmates that I haven’t thought much about it.”
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