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((Alice Blake continued from Civilization at any Price))

It was a rough night, to say the least. After Vic had dragged her ass to safety, it had been a little back and forth while Vic shuttled the bags from the street to house they'd chosen to bunk down in. Alice had spaced out on the pain killers she'd be given while Vic risked her life recovering supplies. Not surprisingly, she felt quite guilty about that later. But, of course, not at the time. Instead she was a little preoccupied with how awesome she felt. The pain killers made her feel better then she had felt in a good while. It was...a welcome change of pace. A nice enough change that she was sorely tempted to ask for more later in the evening.

Luckily, her back wasn't nearly as bad when they wore off. It might have something to do with the fact she had barely moved after they had settled in. After she'd grabbed the bags from the street, things were almost on an even keel. Of course, Vic had recovered her jacket as well. Could hardly leave that behind, right? She even found Alice a new shirt to replace the bloody and torn one she was presently wearing. It was a black number, a simple t-shirt that was a few sizes too small for her. After that was settled, Vic led her to a corner room on the second floor of a somewhat ramshackle building and eased her onto the bed in the corner. It was hardly the Hilton, but the surroundings were greatly improved by Vic's presence.

While Alice was dozing upstairs, her better half kept watch for Bounce, should things not end up fucked for once. Alice was just coming around when her unexpected guardian came back upstairs. Alice didn't need to ask whether there was any luck finding her friend. One look at Vic's face told her that she was SOL. But that really should have been expected, and Alice found herself cursing Murphy and his damn laws. It put a sour spin on the evening before anything else could happen to screw things up even more. She tried not think about what kept Bounce from meeting up, just like she tried to keep herself from thinking about every horrible thing that might have happened.

Things did tend to level out from there. They talked, Alice exchanging war stories with Vic while her personal medic checked on her injuries. Eventually, they both fell asleep in each others arms. Alice would regret that later, too. It was reckless and dangerous, and it could have gotten them both killed if someone stumbled onto them. They had gotten lucky, no question.

Once light did start to filter in through the window, Alice did feel a measure of relief. Safety from the night and all the monsters it hid. That and another chance to find Bounce. Vic was less optimistic about finding her, but there was no way that Alice would give up if she was supposed to still be in the area. Outside Vic, Bounce was the only friend she had. Like Hell would she give up if there was a chance to find her.

So, Vic checked up on her wounds, changing the bandages and all that, and they made plans to set out. Alice felt better. Not, you know, good as new, but she could walk without aid, albeit stiffly and not without some pain. As much as she liked the idea of being Vic's Knight in Shining Armor, defending her from all that is evil and wrong, that seemed more like wishful thinking now. Her mobility was shot, and she could barely walk on her own. It would have been easier to lean on Vic, but Alice was desperate to project some sense of normalcy, if only to give Vic peace of mind. So, she did her best to hide the occasional grimace of pain, or the sharp intake of breath after a step taken too quickly.

Even though Vic was the one with the gun, Alice still picked the direction. She decided to start at the center of town and work her way around, circling until they found Bounce or ran out of town. As good a plan as any other, right?

Alice lead the way with Vic following a few steps behind. It wasn't long before the reached the clearing and the fountain erected in the center. Alice stopped, waited, listened. Her collar beeped, but that only registered after the fact that there was someone kneeling by the fountain. The solitary beep was momentarily important, but when nothing followed, she decided that it wasn't important. Glancing over her shoulder, she pointed over to the statue. "One person, I think. Careful."

All the same, Alice started forward, ever wary, already expecting this to be some sort of trap. The sudden voice from the speakers made her jump, then freeze. Her attention was still focused on the figure kneeling by the fountain, and she felt a faint stirring of hope. Short hair, small frame, slight figure as best she could tell. If it wasn't her friend, it was a damn near mirror image. "Bounce?" Alice called out as she moved closer, her tone hopeful. She closed the distance and felt a huge weight shift from her shoulders. The taller girl greeted her best friend in much the same way that she greeted Vic, minus the deep and passionate kiss. Alice threw her arms around the Russian girl. Speaking through a broad smile, Alice muttered, "I'm so happy to see you again Bounce."
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