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Dutchy absentmindedly nodded his head as Roland apologized. He couldn't quite reason out why. Was that what normally happened, even if a fight was one sided? For the life of him, Dutchy couldn't understand just why Roland should be sorry. He wasn't the one in the wrong. Or was he? Dutchy ignored the thought.

Just forget. It's over, it's not important. Nothing's important anymore. Heck, nothing ever was important. Everything I've done, what does it matter? I'm still here. This was my destination, all along. Who cares if I was nice, or mean, or anything in between. It ends here, we all end here, the good guys, the bad guys. We're equal. We've had no point.

Dutchy shook his head, knocking the thoughts from his mind. His heart was pounding for some reason, but he couldn't be sure why. Raising his pale hands he rubbed his eyes, letting out a soft sigh. Roland was talking, rationalizing. He tried his hardest to listen and understand, but it went straight over his head. Dutchy gave a nod.

"It's okay Roland. Don't be sorry. They'll be oka- they'll come back."

The bigger boy sagged down in his seat, boredom seemingly striking him dead. Dutchy could understand the feeling. Roland was a fighter, he could be of use outside. But he was stuck, babysitting. Guilt burnt into his gut. He curled up, hands on his knees and tilted over, leaning against Roland. He didn't know what else to say. The underwater sensation was back, and through the haze, all he could think of was Vera.


"Roland..." Dutchy began, his voice cracking. "Roland, do you think it's working? The map? Do you think someone saw? Do you think they cared?"
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