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The faceless fear
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Tiffany stayed out of sight, until she heard mention of Felicia. She hissed inwardly to herself. That girl was definitely going to be trouble. Her anger almost boiled over, but she pushed it down inside herself. She could let Quince have it later. If her analysis was right, he would feel guilty. If she was wrong, well... there was that one little tidbit that she'd been saving about Felicia that she could accidentally drop in front of him. That would make him upset - all the easier for severing his ties with the little bitch.

She carefully manouvered herself, circling Mia as Quincy approached her, keeping as quiet as she could and her head low so that Mia couldn't see. She needed to get behind Mia and she wasn't sure how observant the other girl was. For now, this would do.
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