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"Rena!!" Raine shouted after Rena as she sprinted off away from them. She closed her eyes and bowed her head, wanting to follow but yet wanting to give Rena her space. But then, wouldn't Rena be lost and possibly killed too? Raine then felt Ridley's hand in hers and she looked up to him.

She couldn't exactly put it into words...There was a look to Ridley's eyes that made Raine feel that he was apologetic for not doing anything for her. It had hurt her. There she had been crying and losing her mind and Ridley did nothing until now. However, now he was reaching out to her. Raine squeezed his hand gently in return.

"No...I don't want her forgotten either but..."

But before Raine could warn Ridley that Rena wouldn't want to be seen with them right now, she was being dragged off yet again. All she could do was bite her lip and hope to be the voice of reason as soon as she got her mind completely together. After all, Ridley and her are an item packaged together. So they should stay together, right?
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