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Tabi's head darted back up when Imraan spoke. She dug her fingers out of her blouse and let them hang limp beside her. Her lip began to quiver and her knees were weakening once more. Her heart would not stop hammering against her chest now as the fear was taking hold.

This was it, Ivan was going to be killed. Imraan was going to make Ivan give up the gun and then he would kill him. She would be all alone again, the person who had kept her alive all this time would be killed and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it. She was just too powerless.

As soon as Imraan had given his orders, he had changed his mind. Tabitha supressed a squeak when Imraan called her out. The giant was demanding that she be the one to take the gun and toss it away and in doing so, Tabi would be the one tossing Ivan's life away.

The girl stood there, paralyzed once more. It had happened so many times before and it was happening again. When she first met Ivan, when Clio had threatened her, when Keith had come after them, when Nick tried to rob her of her bag, and now here. She couldn't move herself forward. She couldn't say anything.

The tears were starting to well in her eyes again as she looked back down to the grass. Perfect. Just Perfect. Ivan was on the brink and all she could do was cry about it! She was just so useless...

"Y... You're right...I don't... I don't deserve... anything."

Tabi blinked.

Ivan didn't deserve anything...

Tabi lifted her head and stared at Ivan. His head was drooped in utter defeat. Had he given up? Ivan had kept her alive for three days now and he was resigned to Imraan controling him?

Her hands were shaking again, but now they were curled up into fists. She finally turned her gaze back to Imraan and gulped heavily. Her face still was wet with tears but she felt something that was keeping her warm inside.

"I...I can't do it Imraan...I...I won't..."

Tabi still quivered as she took a step forwards. But with every step she took, the warmth inside of her grew.

"Ivan has been with me since almost the beginning. I was there when...when Keith died...It wasn't his fault! Ivan never meant to do what he did! Ivan was trying to scare Keith away! He never meant to...he never meant to kill Keith!"

Tabi was now in between Ivan and Imraan. Her gaze at first was fixated on the large shotgun that was now pointing at her. Her breath began to slow as she stared at the barrel. She could be killed any moment now...and then Ivan would still die. She felt a pang of fear starting rise back into her head.

But how many times had Ivan stared down a gun and saved her own life?

Tabi took in another deep breath and finally lifted her gaze up to the tanned GODSpeed member.

"You know how many times people have tried to kill me Imraan? How many p-people have tried to take my bags, and then shoot me a-afterwords? Ivan's been there. Ivan has protected me! In fact, he's saved my life so many times I've lost track! It's because of him that I'm still here!"

"I-I know...that you probably don't trust Ivan...but please...he's a good person! It was all an accident and... Ivan never meant to hurt anybody. So please. Please let us leave."

Her confidence was starting to faulter as Tabi could not read into Imraan's face. She had tried so hard to convince him. But now she couldn't tell if she had done enough. She could just be brushed aside...and Ivan...

There was a loud clang in the distance and Tabi's eyes darted to where the sound was. She didn't see anybody in the distance, but there was no way of knowing for sure. That clang restoked the fire inside Tabi and she found her hands reforming into the fists once more. Her gaze looked up to Imraan and she opened her mouth once more.

"Imraan, let us leave!"
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