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The hand holding the gun remained steady as he turned off and pocketed his ipod, which had become useless thanks to Rena's flashlight. The only thing running through Ridley's mind was, Everything's alright, Rid. You've got this. Over and over again, even as he scanned through Dustin's belongings. Ridley had trouble picturing a student having to carry around such things as daily rations, a map, and a compass, but he quickly dismissed it before the negative thoughts set in. He did not want his calm to break-- not even Rena's shouts nor Raine's whimpering made him flinch, though his ears tensed up with each raise in volume.

"A sword? Seriously?" He said as he knelt down to examine the blade. It was a thin, curved weapon, probably from Asia or something, for what Ridley knew of weaponry. As he picked it up by the hilt-- surprisingly heavy for its size-- he noticed that it hadn't even been used as a weapon. Not a drop of blood was on the blade.

Ridley sucked in a mass of air-- tinged from the smell of the body behind him that he was still trying to ignore-- and let out a heavy sigh. "You're good. Sorry to put you through that." He pocketed his gun, though his hand remained on the handle, and a finger behind the trigger to avoid accidents. That's right, it's to avoid accidents, he thought to himself. "If you're willing to forgive us for being such ass holes, then--"


The sound of footsteps beating against the wet tunnel floor snapped him out of it. As he turned around, he scarcely saw Rena turn the corner and speed out of the cave.

"FUCK! Rena, get back--" He grabbed Raine by the hand. It shook him a little once he saw how much she had been crying. He mentally kick himself in the head. "Sorry, but we have to go after her, right? You don't want her to be forgotten either, right?" He looked back over at Dustin. "Do whatever you want. Come with us, go somewhere else, what the fuck ever!" He pulled Raine by the hand with him as he made his way down the dark tunnel towards the exit.

((Ridley Landon, continued in Bloodgarden))
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