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And then...relief.

The boy, the killer, didn't try anything while Maf let him run. He listened with his back turned as the boy mumbled a thank-you, and then scarpered off into the darkness.

...now what?

The big predicament that lay ahead of Maf at this moment was the choice of finding out how exactly to get out of here and meet up with Nathan, or try and find out whether or not the Reid boy was true to his word about Jennifer. It was a cruel choice by fate, and really if he could have done both, split himself in two and have two Maf's wandering the island trying to do everything they needed to do, then that was what would have happened.

In the end, however, he knew that he couldn't abandon his friend any more than he had already. He'd already gotten ahold of all of Nathan's belongings, and chances were that he was going to get worried. Maf wasn't that good of a direction-finder, so chances were it was going to be a while until he got out.

Reid went in one direction, and Maf went in the other.

I'm sorry mate, I'm coming.

((Ma'afu Tuigamala continues in Where Was My Brain?))

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