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The girl was armed, with a rather nasty looking gun. That would be a problem, especially since she seemed prepared to use it. Quince figured that she might not have any decent skills, but at this range with a rifle he was probably in more danger of being hit than of not. He stood his ground, and kept his hands held high, trying to show that he wasn't a threat, even as he made sure that his footing was solid. If he had to run for it or lunge at her, we wanted to be prepared.

"What do you want?"

It was a good question. What did he want? Tiff had sent him up there without much of a plan. All he really wanted was to get out of this alive. "I saw you, just wanted to make sure that you knew I was here. I'd rather not get shot if I can avoid it. Figure by the way you're talking you're not playing. So, yeah. I'm here, passing through, and please don't shoot me."

It was lousy, the way that once again he was at somebody else's mercy. This girl had her gun ready, so Quince was bargaining for his life. The last time he had really felt in control of the situation, he had slammed his foot down on somebody's neck, killing him. He wanted to feel that way again, rather than be the one getting threatened.

Still, there was one other thing that he wanted. "I'm looking for somebody as well. Felicia Carmichael. Have you seen her anywhere?" That probably wouldn't sit well with Tiffany, given the way she'd been behaving towards him, but he had to find her, if only to get some closure on their brief relationship.
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