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Tyler had fallen into a slumber that was more than slightly deep. By SOTF standards, it was suicidally deep in that he didn't wake at the first creak of a board. But the sound of other voices in the room did rouse him.

"Hey, hey. Wake up."

"Mmm...mom?" Tyler asked as he emerged into that state between sleep and waking that everyone experiences once in a while and which can be so warm and comforting. "Dun wanna..."

Slowly, the fog cleared and the world came into focus, but it still took a bit for Tyler to really come around and realize how vulnerable he'd been when Sarah and Alice came in. For now, though, there was a moment or two of staring in disbelief that he was waking up with two girls in the room with him. This was...definitely different than what he was used to (or, for that matter, expecting).

"Mmm...morning." Beat, as things come more into focus, and then Tyler startles a slight bit.

"Uh...I'm not dead, am I?" Tyler's looking at two...no, three girls if he counts the one at the window. He is...was?...on SOTF. Which means that either he was killed and didn't realize it or he has just gotten extremely lucky in at least one way, and possibly more than one way. Taking a deep breath, Tyler looks between the girls. "And if I'm not dead..." Pause, to sort through that last bit of fog in his mind. "Can I help you?"

The fact that he's not dead suggests that he's not about to wind up dead in the next thirty seconds or minute. He'll take that for what it's worth.
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