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((Colin Falcone continued from Youth and Beauty Brigade.))

They had made some incredible time. Colin, Jacob, and Tim had trekked pretty much clear across the island in a day's time, and his plotted route had been a major success, simply for the fact that it was as uneventful as it was... Well, as uneventful as it could be.

There had been a second announcement about halfway to their destination, one that had made the trio momentarily stop in fright. Liz Polanski had done something to her collar, and it was Mr. Kwong who was reading the announcement. He was still alive, against any odds. Not for long it seemed though thanks to the pre-written announcement.

He let out a small sigh. He'd never heard Daisuke's name before, but the fact that collars were being randomly blown was not good. His, or worse, Tim's or Jacob's could be next. They had to hurry. To what though? The faster they moved, the faster they died. They were all going to die. At least two of them at the absolute best case scenario. How could the winner LIVE with that?

He knew he couldn't. Once all was said and done, if his feet ever touched American soil again, he would never be able to live with the guilt of his actions.

Oh the amount of therapy that would require.

He shook his head, and made a motion for the group to continue. They had to keep moving. There was a solid goal in sight, and they had to keep towards it. At least to help keep them sane. If they sat there and dwelled on their situation, it would make them lose it completely, and he knew it.

And so off they were again, with barely a second thought for Liz. The town grew bigger and bigger on the horizon; and by setting themselves on the largest road into the town, they were greeted with the sight of a water fountain.

And then, there was a loud, unmistakable beep. His eyes shot wide as his hand flashed to his collar, expecting his life to end at that very moment. But no other beep ever came; the collar lay dormant yet again. A silent killer waiting to strike, just making it's presence known once more.

He sat, and waited, nestled between the buildings which led to the plaza in the center of the town. Listening for another beep. What greeted his ears however was Danya's voice yet again. The PA system. Something had to be serious if there were this many announcements.

"Evening children... my aren't we having a busy day? It seems that one of your number has no regard for the rest of you. Gee, I tried to warn you about that Liz Polanski, but she just won't stop playing roulette with your lives. Much as it pains me to say this... somebody came up with the unlucky number. G004. Lucy Ashmore. ... ... now where's that button? Oh yes, there it is. ... Eliminated."

Shit. Shitshitshitshit.

Someone was out there, fighting back, and all Colin could do was sit and fear for his life as two more names were rattled off. And then that same threat yet again, to kill their teacher. Not that anyone would probably ever see him again. The way this game was going... Mr. Kwong would probably not live either way. He shook his head, breathing a sigh of soft relief as the PA clicked off again. Maybe that was what the beep had been earlier? He closed his eyes, and thought. What could he do? He was a coward, she was brave. He took another deep breath, and sat, his eye falling to a small girl milling about near the fountain. He couldn't dwell on it, on anything. They were all going to die on this God forsaken island either way. Why fear?

Beacuse it is human nature to fear the unknown.
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