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((Man I'm slow. Sorry.))

Lily saw Aileen bringing up the rear just after she came to a stop. Good to know. But she didn't look quite as patient as Lily did at the moment. Aileen peered curiously at Aaron's notebook, wondering what the heck he was writing in there. "Well?" she asked, causing Lily to look over at Aaron, too.

Aaron seemed annoyed by Lily's question, but decided to call her over and share his notebook with her. Lily blinked. Aaron was actually going to share his plan? Suddenly her curiosity was piqued, and she deliberated looking over their shoulders without permission. She almost took a step, then leaned back, switching between positions a couple times before deciding to go through with it anyway. She'd be able to follow Aaron's plan better if she knew what it was, after all.

What she saw was actually rather inspiring. Aaron's thinking was perfectly sound, but after reading his notes, Lily started to get a niggling doubt in the back of her mind. The island was a big place, big enough to give space to over two hundred people, and the terrorists would have picked the best hiding spot they could think of. For all Lily knew, the generator was buried underground, surrounded on all sides by a foot of reinforced concrete.

Then again, maybe the wires would prove to be a better target. If they were as fragile as she thought they were in the cameras themselves, maybe they'd be just as fragile as they came out of the generator. Better yet, maybe the gang could follow them from a camera to find the generator.

Oh, but what if the island had multiple generators just in case one of them failed or was sabotaged? Lily's head swam with all of these thoughts that Aaron's plan had germinated; she found herself opening her mouth to ask to write in the notebook herself when Aaron snatched it away. Then someone else got the trio's attention.

Her first thought was that more people were along, and that they could be helpful to Aaron's plan. Aaron was already taking initiative and asking them to come out unarmed. She looked up at them and felt a wave of apprehension sweeping over her, for reasons she couldn't put her finger on. She didn't know either of the two people in the distance, but neither of them really gave her a good feeling. There was also the fact that the tall, muscular guy did not drop his weapon as Aaron had suggested, and instead joked about shooting the one in the business suit!

"That's... that's not funny," Lily stammered, unsure as to the wisdom of contradicting the athlete with a loaded weapon. "Don't even kid about stuff like that."
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