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Can you hear me?
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Aaron immediately thrust the book right in her face, expressing his thoughts.

He had made the observation that there was no electricity on the island, even though the cameras were working just fine. So, there was a way the cameras were working, and not everything else here. So he wanted to figure out how they got the cameras working right now? A conundrum, indeed. Aileen had never really considered that, to be honest. She did know that it was being broadcasted all over the world, that various people were watching all of this. Whenever she thought about how it was being broadcasted, she would curl her lip in disgust at the thought of people laughing at everyone dying like it was no big deal, or worry about her mother, who was most likely watching her right now and freaking out.

So... no electricity. That actually was a good point. So that meant that they had to look into the power source of the cameras for now? Aileen pressed her mind for any potential power sources that could be used on the island, but to no avail. Seriously... no electricity elsewhere, couldn't be solar, obviously not battery run... damn, what could it be?

As the book disappeared from her view, her thoughts were interrupted when she heard... shouting? Was that it? Someone was yelling if anyone was here.

Oh great, another person they had to deal with. Another potential psycho, another person who might just wander in with no problems and bug everyone, only to leave when someone- most likely a certain bespectacled redheaded female- would yell at them. Aileen clenched her fist. God fucking damn it to hell! Were they some sort of magnet for random people to run up and say hi, only to leave when someone said "Fuck off"? Sure, Aileen was trying her best to cut that out, but sometimes she had to wonder.

Luckily, once more someone spoke up before she could say something inappropriate. Namely, Aaron. He was telling the person that they were armed but not planning on attacking anyone.

She could vaguely see the speaker from where she was standing. The guy in question didn't look like he had been planning to go on a school camping trip when he packed his clothes, much less running around on a deserted island filled with psychopaths. It looked more like he was planning to go to a fancy dinner party or something just before he got abducted or something. Seriously, this scene was more than a little absurd, even just for that little element.

Oh, and to make things more absurd?

Another guy stepped in, acting like the individual in the fancypants had followed him. This guy, though was different. Tall and athletic looking. And on closer inspection, he had a gun. Oh shit. Tall, athletic guy with a gun. They were fucked if he decided that they looked like things good for target practice or excellent punching bags. He didn't seem to like the other guy, even asking for Aaron to shoot him. Presumably, that was a joke. At least, that was what she hoped. Or rather, prayed to god that it was a silly joke.

And, Aileen spoke once more without thinking.

"And who... who are you two?" she asked, an odd, confused look on her face.

Really. Really. What was going on here, and what was about to happen? She didn't even know anymore.

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