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Mary Ann stifled a giggle that her conscience loudly informed her should not have been there.

"Holy crap, are you okay?" For the first time in a good while, she had spoken without bothering to whisper.

She helped to lift him up (not that it really helped all that much, but it felt like she'd made a difference), tiptoeing slightly to ruffle his hair once he was up. An affectionate gesture.

What was that all abo- Oh. She saw his eyes on the gun. He didn't think she was going to...?

"Oh!" This definitely needed clearing up. "I wasn't going to... use it or anything. I promise."

Silence. Come on, fix the awkward fix the awkward fix the awkward

"It's ok, seriously. I didn't mess with anything. I'm not like, stupid or anything. Not that you thought I was stupid-" No seriously, fix the awkward NOW. "Just seeing what button was where. And stuff."

Phew. Subject change, please~

"Um, did you get anything? Like, foodwise?"
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