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Suppressing a gasp of horror, Kevin evaluated the situation as it unfolded. Imraan was going to shoot Ivan. Why else would he tell Tabi to go and throw the shotgun off of the cliff?

This would mark the end of one of the more deadly killers on this island, but there was no telling what the man would do next. Kevin focused on Imraan's face, which didn't betray any signs of his intent. What was his plan?

There was no way to tell. The giant was possibly going to go straight off the deep end after he killed Ivan. Honestly, this was a major turning point. With his brawn and firearm, he could possibly be a major threat in the future.

But he could also possibly go suicidal and off himself before that happened. What could Kevin do at this point other than watch and hope he didn't get their attention?

"Y... You're right... I don't... I don't deserve... anything."

Crap. Even Ivan had acknowledged the hopelessness of this situation. Of course, this just ticked Kevin off just enough that he did something stupid and possibly fatal. He backed up behind a tree, pulled out his shovel, and slammed his cover with it hard. The sound was loud, and couldn't be mistaken for a gunshot. Just the right thing needed to get Imraan to look instead of shoot.

Fuck, that wasn't part of the plan.

Oh, god. Was this going to get him killed? Most likely. He would've slapped himself hard if he wasn't busy ducking back down and trying to hide as best as he could.
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