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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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It was too late for his big break, his one moment to shake off Imraan's oppression just long enough to get his hands on that shotgun and force the fellow athlete... fellow student to leave. That moment had passed thanks to Ivan's hesitation, and he very well may have doomed himself. Maybe it would be fine if it was only himself he was condemning, as Ivan was sure he was going to die anyway (even if not quite like this). Tabi was dragged along with him, and perhaps Imraan was going to kill her too, citing guilt by association.

"I'm not gonna shoot her Ivan..."

That only offered so much relief. Words were nothing; Imraan could go back on that any time he wanted to. Once Ivan was dead, torn to bits by that nasty weapon in the taller boy's hands, Tabi would hardly have time to scream before she was next. All that out of the way, it still offered SOME relief. Imraan wasn't a psycho out to get everybody, it seemed. No, he was one of those glory-seekers out to kill all of the players, which Ivan was now labeled amongst thanks to his deeds. Hell... in his case, the situation was even worse than if the guy was just a raging nutjob, but now he was explicitly out for Ivan's blood. At least it would only be his own spilled.

"But you know what, you killed someone, you don't deserve that shotgun..."

This was it. Ivan's eyes, hidden behind those dark lenses, closed. He only hoped that he had more time to get to a camera, at least tell Louis goodbye, and to tell him to look away from the screen.

"I want you to pick it up, OK-- I want you to pick it up SLOWLY, and then I want you to toss it off the cliff there."

His eyes opened again. His body locked up, his mind equally faltered. Was he about to be given another chance? Another way out, if he was fast enough? With the way things were, Ivan would have to get the shotgun and level it before Imraan could get a shot off. The way the situation was, however, there was no standoff in the cards. In order to get Imraan to leave, Ivan would have to shoot first. This thought closed the doors even before Imraan locked them and threw away the key.

Ivan wouldn't even be trusted to do the deed... of course. He couldn't blame the guy for that, because he hadn't been there to see what happened. But... then, what exactly happened that was to be witnessed that he couldn't just know from listening to the announcements?

You killed somebody, Ivan. Stop justifying it... all the guy was armed with were a few scraps of paper. He's right... you're wrong. You don't deserve that gun, you certainly can't kill again, and your carelessness might cause the death of another girl. Oh, and it was a girl who depended on you. Good job.

"Y... You're right..." Ivan choked, lowering his head. Tabi was probably liable to throw the gun away any second... she was just as able to stand up in the face of this crisis as he was. His run on this island was over. Imraan wouldn't just let him go after this... after all, Ivan was still a murderer, and that was the end of the line. "I don't... I don't deserve... anything."
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