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Danya's words played over the PA, and Imraan could only react with some kind of puzzled confusion as to what they meant. He resolved to think about them later, because the person transcribing his thoughts was obviously a clueless moron.

Then Ivan spoke, admitted to killing. And at this point, pointing a shotgun at a kid he knew from school and accusing him of murder, Imraan realized that he had no no idea what he was going to do next. Absolutely none.

Oh, brilliant plan he had. He was a leader, all right. He was the guy who knew what to do. He was the guy who'd be able to help others who came to him.

But hadn't he known that this was how it would end up? It had probably come to him at some point when he was going off on this quest, and he'd just pushed it aside. Either he'd end up getting himself killed, or he'd end up in a situation like this.

He had to say something.

"I'm not gonna shoot her Ivan. But you know what, you killed someone, you don't deserve that shotgun. I want you to pick it up, OK-- I want you to pick it up SLOWLY, and then I want you to toss it off the cliff there."

He finished, and then changed his mind in an instant before Ivan could respond.

"Actually, you know what? Forget that. Change that, I'm not gonna trust you to do that Ivan. Tabitha, you pick up the shotgun, you toss it off the cliff, OK girl? And then I think you should get out of here."
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