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((I'll skip as well to keep Maxwell away from inactivity))

"Hey... Sierra?"

Max desperately tried to get any kind of reaction from the girl, but she just sat there, and apart from breathing, she gave no other signs of life. Max started panicking a bit. Was she just depressed and gave Max a signal that way, that she wants him to leave her alone? Or maybe she was sick? Or maybe she was all right, and he was the one in trouble?

Shut up...

Max quickly hushed his paranoid part of mind. No, that made no sense at all. There's no way, someone would've act so convincingly just to set up a trap on him. She just needed help. But before Maxwell could find a way to get her some, he suddenly heard two (or maybe even three?) voices from two different directions.


Shut up!

Rational Max again won the quick battle in his mind. If it would be an ambush, no one would ever spoke from two directions, but simply attacked him, and that would be it. Besides, as far as he could hear (and he rarely was wrong in cases of hearing stuff), both voices were talking to themselves (or in one case, to someone fourth, as he could swear now he heard 2 different voices from one side), not giving a signal to themselves.

Finally, Max stopped mulling over all of the stupid scenario possibilities, and concentrated on something more important: One of the voices clearly asked if there's someone else over there. And by 'there', the voice probably meant 'the place where Max was standing right now'. Since there was no need to create even more paranoid climate, Max took his flashlight and waived his hand to give his position away to the voice.

"Max Crowe over here!" He shouted, purposely avoiding using his full name, so no one would mistake him for that Lombardi bastard by any chance. "Armed, but not dangerous! I'm here with Sierra! We're bot fine!" Max looked again at the sitting figure, and silently added without his tone of confidence anymore. "I think..."
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