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So it was a bit of a standoff. Maddy had expected that, though it seemed that most of the aggression was on the part of Violet and Mike. The situation seemed to be calming down a little though, as everyone else seemed to be stating their case and generally attempting to be amicable. With a shrug, Madeleine walked over to Violet, but froze suddenly when the island's loudspeakers sounded off...in the middle of the day.

Odd, that hasn't happened before.

As Maddy listened, she was equally surprised at the voice that came from the loudspeakers. Rather than the smug voice of the island's master, Danya, they were instead listening to an announcement from Mr. Kwong. "I thought he was dead..." she mumbled to herself, paying close attention to every word. Apparently, someone on this island had succeeded in removing their collar. Madeleine was amazed by this, and curious to hear how that was done, until Mr. Kwong detailed the punishment for this act. Just by associating with this Liz, someone could die. Maddy would have to be careful to get the name of everyone she ran across, because she, for one, did not feel like dying because of something that somebody else did.

Liz, you may have been a nice person, but if I ever find you, I might have to kill you now. So...congratulations, whoever you are. Good freaking work.

With that bitter note running through her mind, Maddy turned back to Violet and Mike. "I, uh...I'm glad that you guys are okay," she said, trying to switch gears from discussion of Liz. Looking at the other folks who had approached from various directions, she said quietly so that only Violet could hear, "L-let them come over. I...I've got you covered." She patted the side of her daypack to accentuate the point. If something happened, she would not hesitate to pull out an SMG in defense of Violet, and she was sure that Violet would be a lot more relaxed with that knowledge.
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