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Looks like the only way was south. Well, the only way that won't lead to more frustration for Rob anyway. Unless he'll lose his compass along the way, or any wacko like that Milo guy will interrupt him again, it should be a peaceful jour...

"Hey, anyone there?"


Rob seriously hoped his ears were making fun of him. Could it be possible, that this fuckhead followed him all the way through woods? Well, according to Rob's eyes, when he turned his head toward the shouting person, yes indeed.

God fucking damn it...

There was one thing which turn out to be useful from this situation though. As Robert looked around to spot Milo, he also spotted 3 other people. A girl completely unknown to him, a geeky-looking guy (with a pistol), and...


A black girl. Rob's heart started beating faster, but not from excitement, happiness or any other thing like that. It was more of an anger mixed with nervousness, like someone from the opposing team just scored a go-ahead bucket one second before the final buzzer. One annoying person was enough for his tolerance. Adding another one getting on his nerves (without even opening her mouth) could only mean disaster.

Okay Rob. Settle down. Don't look at her, and everything will be fine. Concentrate on Milo, guy with the gun, trees, or whatever. Just... Just don't look at her...

Fortunately for the redhead, the geeky guy took the initiative and pointed out the gun in Milo's direction (but not directly, if Rob's calculation were correct. It seemed like the nerd didn't exactly know the place where Milo was standing), and shouted something about being armed and not looking for trouble. That worked for Rob perfectly. If he would be hostile, and with THAT kind of company, Rob was perfectly sure at least two of the gathered people wouldn't come out alive from this 'conversation'.

But, the time for analyze was or. It was time to make an action on his own. The giant stood up, still holding his M15 handgun firmly, but not pointing it in any specific direction. Then, he decided to do some little theatrics. First, he turned toward the annoying guy, and informed the entire world, in a bit over the top voice, of his feelings about Milo's arrival...

"Good lord, not you again!"

...Then he turned toward the geek, and before he could point the gun at the redhead out of sheer surprise, Rob spoke to him with a friendly (at least he hoped so), joking tone...

"Dude... Please do me a favor and pull that trigger, before he'll blow our minds with his stupidity..."

...All of this while desperately trying to avoid the eye contact with the black girl. Better safe than sorry.
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