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It wasn't a blessing after all. It was just Dutchy's Icelandic way of saying goodbye. Roland grimaced and looked away from Dutchy, embarrassed at the faux pas he committed in the heat of the moment. "Aw shit. I'm sorry, man. I didn't..."

He didn't mean what he said? Bullshit. He meant every word. He hated Kimberly then, and he still did now. He'd lost patience with Dutchy for just a minute then, and he'd made Dutchy fear him. It wasn't a nice feeling at all.

"I'm sorry," he said again, sitting down on the couch next to Dutchy. "I was just worried about you. We're a team, you know? We gotta stick together, and Kimmy wasn't... she wasn't being a team player." She was also out of her mind, but Roland neglected to mention that to Dutchy.

He sat in silence for a few more minutes, trying to think of something else he could do or say. What he ended up thinking of made him feel even more empty inside. His thoughts turned to his sister Lily; he desperately wondered about her, hoped she was doing alright. He hadn't heard her name yet, which was good. He hoped she'd found some people to team up with, some people she could help, who could help her. If she had to spend this much time out there alone... Roland didn't know what either of them would do then. It was a miracle he'd met so many of his friends immediately after waking up here. Was Lily equally fortunate?

"Christ," he sighed, slumping forward in his seat. "I hope she's okay. I hope they're okay." He wanted to run out and find her, wanted to run out and help Sarah find supplies, wanted to do anything. But the team had a plan, and he forced himself to follow it, no matter how much it killed him inside.
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