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[[ooc: That's alright...finals season, after all.]]

"Wait, what?" Celeste drew back, eyebrows going up as she stared at Pandora in surprise. Sheesh...she knew something was off about the chick, but she hadn't expected that. "You'd...dude, after made a deal, you'd...I don't know about this." Celeste took a few steps back a bit, frowning and putting her hands on her non-existent hips. "Look, Pandora...I know you said you'd take me and my friend out of here..but why are you asking for payment now?"

It sounded to her like Pandora was going to go back on their deal. Like she was going to take the bread and water--hell, she might take all of it--and make a run for it. Leaving Celeste stuck in the dark tunnels, wandering around the entire game until her head blew right off her damned shoulders.

Hell no. Celeste was smarter than that. She turned her body a bit, so the duffel bag she carried was a little further away from Pandora, and shook her head, still glaring up at her. "You get your payment when you get my friend and get us within view of the exit. I'm not a fucking idiot--til then, you get nothing outta me, got that?"
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