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She was told to watch her distance, not to get too close. Really? She was the one to be worried about? The girl who was thin as a twig and twice as easy to snap? The girl who got given a pack of durex as a weapon, only to throw it away? Of course, they probably didn't know that last part, but hey. It wasn't exactly as if she was carrying a rocket launcher around.

Courtney stopped walking forward, though. The big old whatever-it-was- looked like a torch or something- that Violet was holding didn't look all that friendly, and if one of the other new arrivals managed to piss them off she'd most likely be the one in trouble, being the closest and all.

Oh yeah, right. Glossed over that minor detail. People jumped out of everywhere as soon as she and Jessie revealed themselves. Literally everywhere. Courtney was honestly surprised she hadn't been standing on like three people in Gillie suits all laid out to try and ambush her. That would be a twist, at least.

They weren't too bad, just... not exactly the crowd Courtney hung out with. Guys like the Jimmy that wasn't Brennan and Alan something-or-other. They instantly stormed up like they owned the place, started shouting and ruining the whole "awkward introductions at a safe distance" thing Jessie and her had going on. Great. Thanks for that one, guys.

There was something about them, though. Something that made Courtney start to tense up. She dismissed it. Probably the overcrowding or something. It wasn't too bad before, when there were just four there, but now she felt tense. That was probably the reason, yeah. Overcrowding. 'Cause now there were a bunch of people and it was awkward and she should probably get out of there because it was getting crowded and they all looked like they were going to kill her. No. Oh no. Now the paranoia was coming back.

Funny, really. She spent all that time trying to find people, and now all she wanted to do was get away.


Then the talking stopped. A stunned silence fell over everyone. Quiet. Paying attention. Just listening.

It finished with a name. Someone somewhere had just passed on. Courtney looked around, opened her mouth to try and break the silence.

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