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As the large, bearded boy before him tried to explain his actions to Sunil, Sunil's eyes darted between him and the comatose boy on the ground. In stark contrast to his somewhat manic, hostile behaviour a few moments before, the boy currently looked rather peaceful (aside from the slowly growing pool of blood coming out from his head), however as paranoid as Sunil currently was, he half expected him to jump back up again and gouge his eyes out. Still, from what it sounded like, Garry had acted and done all this to save Sunil's life, so he could probably be trusted.

If he couldn't, he could probably snap Sunil in half like a twig, but hey.

Giving Garry a cautious pat on the back in a token attempt to try and comfort him, Sunil then bent down and got a closer look at the apparent attacker. Up close, his pained, contorted face didn't look anywhere near as peaceful as he did from a distance, but he was still breathing. It was rough, inconsistent breathing, but he wasn't dead. Sunil hesitantly felt the boy's wrist for a pulse. After a second or two of fumbling around, he found it.

"He's not dead ye..."

Sunil cut himself off before he could finish that word.

Both he and Garry knew that it would only be a matter of time. Surviving shit like that was only plausibly survivable in the media. Yes, he had heard a few stories of people surviving things like that, but the rarity of those stories was what made them so special. A miracle wouldn't happen here, and Sunil wasn't even sure a miracle would be for the best.

Maybe Jake's condition was for the best. He was a potential threat, and maybe this was the most peaceful way to go. Yeah. It was for the best. For him, for Sunil, for Garry, for everyone.

Jake was brain-dead. Gone. A vegetable, doomed to die shortly. Mercy kills weren't exactly high on Sunil's to-do list, he'd always hated the thought of euthanasia and such, but the thought entered his mind.

Unsure of what to say or think, Sunil got back up to his feet, and turned to Garry. There was no need for asking him exactly what had happened; Sunil had already seen most of it. Quickly wiping some sleep from his eye, he placed his arm on Garry's back and quietly asked "You alright?"
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