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((Richard Han continued from Where Do You Go From Here?))

Richard brought up the group's rear. From there he could keep an eye on everyone, and protect them if need be. The rear was also the favoured spot for an ambush, attack from the rear and you have initiative your opponent doesn't, and he knew to look out for that, and he knew how to deal with it. Lastly, if someone were quiet enough, and sick in the head enough, they could pick off stragglers without alerting the rest of the group. The best defense in the world didn't help you if a queen or a rook was behind your lines.

And somehow he didn't like the idea of Aileen or Lily being picked off before him.

And that's why he chose to stay at the back. He'd already lost one of them, he couldn't lose another one.

Of course, defending the group was a lot easier when you could see them. Stopping to retie his shoelaces and almost losing them completely hadn't been part of the plan. At least he knew their general direction so he'd catch up with them soon enough. It had only been fifteen minutes and he was going at a good pace. Too good a pace, in fact.

He could hear voices not far behind him and to his left, muffled by the trees and the light breeze that shifted them ever so gently. Two deep voices could only mean his group had company, and now that he considered it, his position gave them an unusual tactical advantage. He began to creep his way towards the voices, crouching through the leafy cover some of the bushes and tree trunks afforded.

Like a ninja?

He narrowly avoided stepping on a fallen branch.

Like a ninja.
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