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((sorry this has taken so long, the last two weeks have kind of disappeared))

*daydreams some*

Her mind sprang back to attention as if a klaxon had been sounded. There was a person. Coming. Towards her. And it looked anything but harmless.

Well, until she was on her feet, a massive rifle held across her hip, and she realised the boy seemed to be requesting peace and parley. Or something. She lowered the rifle's barrel towards the ground again.

"Yes! I'm fine!" She took a single step back so she could see her bags with a quick glance down. "But, but you can stay there!" If she had to run, she could, how far she'd get with someone of his physical prowess behind her she didn't want to think about. Just take the bags and go and... She kept forgetting she had a loaded sniper rifle. She didn't need to run anywhere!

With that confidence, she asked the most obvious of questions. "What do you want!?"
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