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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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[[OOC: This is overdue and will be improved when I'm more conscious.]]

He kept walking.

It had been some time, now. He didn't know how long- Jasper-Declan had never been good at estimating time. When you spend most of your time inside your head, seconds seem to span eternities, and vice versa. But time had passed, certainly, as he observed some slight movement in the sun's position. Perhaps it had been an hour. Perhaps longer.

Perhaps not even that. Perhaps the sun did not move at all, but its own light has tricked me into misunderstanding its position...perhaps I have not gone very far at all.

But he kept walking, keeping up something like a straight path, his gun swinging loosely at his side.

He heard something.


Classmates. Friends? Enemies. Potential allies...current allies. Attackers. People. Conflict. Trouble. I should leave for my own safety. But it may be Carly. But it may mean my own destruction. But...

He heard something, again. Something aggressive, something violent, something loud. Something too loud, far too loud. Something wrong.

Something wrong.

I should- but-

I should not be here. I should stay away from conflict. I will only endanger myself.

I cannot do this. There is no-



but I cannot do this, but I should not be here.

I am incapable. I cannot help anyone. I cannot help her.


Her. Carly. She is my friend

ally. that means I must help her.

I cannot. It is impossible. I will only endanger-


Cycling. Cycling. Always cycling. Jasper-Declan's thoughts. They moved in patterns. Indecipherable patterns. Repeating. Swirling. Always cycling.

His legs simply moved.

There were bodies. Several. Three. One female, two male. One quiet, two loud.

Two moving.

One still.

He ran to still, female, quiet, and it was her, it was her. Why was she so quiet, why was she not moving, why was she, was this blood? It was red, and warm, and dripping. Yes, it must be blood.

There were two more, and they were loud, and moving, but they did not exist. Only he existed, he and this girl who was not moving. He did not move either.

She was gone and he would somehow find her.

Cycling, again. Inexplicable cycling. Why did he care? He shouldn't care. He met her yesterday. But Jasper-Declan cycled.



Wake up.

Come back.





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