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Not good. Panicking armed people are not good. Fuck, it figures I manage to avoid a killer and run into a psycho bitch festival instead.

Yeah, Dustin Royal, living the good life as usual.

So, to recap his day so far. He'd fallen asleep in a goddamn cave (he'd inexplicably gotten a good night's sleep, there was one plus), was rudely awakened by some fat asshole telling him how many of his classmates had murdered each other the day before while he was almost getting laid, heard the horrible death screams of the poor bastard whose entrails he was now stepping in. And hell, now he was stepping in entrails! Not to mention the boy who was being a complete twat, which he would be more willing to point out if that boy wasn't also currently pointing a gun at him. And that girl who'd flipped out on him was now flipping out on him. And the other girl was having a...a psychotic break or some shit.

Dustin was really sick of all this bullshit.

But there was that gun again.

"Whatever. Empty your pockets and your bag. And do it slow. Let's see just how dangerous you really are."

Whatever. He emptied his pockets and his bag and did it slow. What was this guy expecting, a corpse in his fucking bag? He had that sword, yeah, but he wasn't using it on anyone, and this boy was an even bigger dick than he'd originally thought if he was gonna leave him weaponless and helpless in this goddamn hellhole. The girl screaming at him- apparently the other girl, the one muttering to herself, was his girlfriend. Good job he'd done, dating a nutcase, though Dustin figured this place was enough to drive anyone insane.

Some moments he felt pretty close to the edge himself. This was one of those moments.

"Can we please leave. Dustin...he's not going to kill anyone, I don't think. I don't care."

Yeah, well, that was good, at least. The girl was practically begging the boy to leave, why she was asking him for permission to that end when she wasn't even with him Dustin had no idea. But he watched the boy for an answer as well. He wanted out of here, too.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to wait. There was a gun pointed at him, after all.
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