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Garry just stared at Jake's limp form, mouth hanging slightly open in shock. There had been a sickening crack when the boy's skull hit the brick, and then he just laid there, small amounts of blood clinging to the edge of the heavy block. Garry was expecting Jake to leap up again, dismiss the blow to the back of his head as nothing and try to kill him again. But there was no trying to get up, there wasn't even any movement at all from the red-headed boy. He was barely breathing, and that was when Garry realised he'd probably fatally injured him.

'What the hell have I just done?!'

It wasn't meant to happen. He only wanted to knock Jake over so he wasn't able to attack. He hadn't accounted for the cinderblock being right behind Jake. He closed his eyes, willing himself to wake up as if the entire ordeal had all just been a nightmare. He opened them again, still greeted by the sight of Jake lying comatose amongst the tree stumps.

Garry blinked, the left half of his vision suddenly obscured when his eyelids reopened. He automatically brought his hand up to wipe away what was in his eye, pulling his fingers away from his face and staring at the glistening deep red liquid that covered them. There was blood on his trembling hand. It was his own, seeping from the painful head wound the cinderblock had created, but it didn't feel like his at all. Jake's blood on his hand, that's what it felt like instead. Garry was to blame for his death. It may have been an accident, he may have been acting in self defense, but regardless, Jake still ended up lying on the ground. Dying on the ground. Soon to be dead.

He gave out a short, hysterical gasp, both from pain and from the facts finally sinking into his mind. He'd as good as killed him, this person he barely knew. He was a killer, a murderer. His name, barring some miracle, was going to be read out during the next announcement. People were going to know he'd killed someone and wouldn't think of him the same ever again. Saul, the rest of the team, the rest of the students on the godforsaken island.

His family.

'Oh no... oh no... please tell me they're not watching right now...' Though he couldn't see them, he knew there had to be cameras all over the place, broadcasting his actions worldwide. Even if his parents weren't watching right now, it would only be a matter of time before they found out. How could he look at them in the eye ever again? His mother, father, Michel, Noah, Stephanie...

Throughout his anguish, Garry had completely forgotten about the boy he was supposed to be defending. But now he was up and about, seemingly unhurt (thank God) and was making his way towards Garry and the casaulty. 'Oh God, he saw me. He saw me do that to him.'

"I-you saw-I didn't mean to kill..." Garry stuttered, trying to explain himself to the Indian boy. "I didn't mean to..." He collapsed onto his knees, his shoulders rocking up and down as he began to sob.

"I didn't mean to..." he whispered.
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