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The faceless fear
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((ooc: Apologies. Was busy.))

Meredith stiffened when Celeste began to shout. She hissed at the girl.

"Do you want to attract the shades of Hades? Keep your tongue still lest they come for us both." she murmured.

At the girl's next words, Meredith gave a shiver, whirling around on the heels of her boots and whipping her coat out of Celeste's hands. She didn't want the other girl to leave her, not this girl who had accepted her at face value, who wasn't afraid. Her fingers inched towards the hilt of her shiv. If she killed the girl now, then Celeste would never leave Hades.

Meredith shook her head, there were other, pressing matters at hand. She had made a promise.

"I will take my payment now, please. One loaf of bread and one bottle of water. Then I will lead you and your friend out of Hades. Would that I could trust you, but the actions of others have left me wanting."

She glanced over at the remainder of the tunnel and whispered, "Pay me not and I will strike you dead where you stand. Or perhaps I will simply disappear and let you and your friend wander Hades until the beast builds its lair here. It is your choice."

She stared at Celeste, daring the other girl to respond.
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