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Oh man, what have I gotten myself into now?

On one hand, he had to admit this whole weapons raised back to back thing was totally badass (note to self: high five Violet later). But on the other hand, they were suddenly surrounded by people. Last time this had happened they'd sat around arguing for what felt like two months and attracted a psycho with a gun.

Just like last time (Should I even be doing it like last time if it only got us in trouble? Oh well), he scanned the crowd before making a move. There was Jessica right in front of him, he vaguely remembered her from classes and whatnot; Violet had Courtney in the same position. Then there was ummm... Jimmy something and some other guy who looked a little crazy. Great. Coming in from the other direction was...


She'd made it. Shit, Mike hadn't seen her since... since she'd saved his life. He began to wonder about the others he'd met that first day. He'd heard Edward Belmont's name that morning... so that one was certain. Imraan he hadn't heard of, same with Vivien... and Violet was right here behind him, threatening a classmate with a blowtorch. Right! There was a situation at hand.

"Maddy! I-"


Wait, what? The announcement had already played that day-

"Good afternoon, students."

No fucking way.

Mike stood stiller than he'd ever been in his life, but his mind ran fast enough to win the Daytona 500. This couldn't be right. Kwong was dead. It was a prerecording or something, they'd planned this ahead of time to scare them or whatever, there was no way someone had actually-

"As a punishment, we will now detonate a collar."

What. Fuck, this was NOT a- shit, I'm going to die!

One, Mississippi.

Two, Mississippi.

Three, Missi- ok seriously, how long do they plan on keeping us strung up like th-

"B148, Daisuke Nagazawa, eliminated."

Fuck. They'd really done it. This was- fuck.

"Vi..." This was going to sound really stupid but anything was better than this silence-

"Did you hear that?"
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