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John waited silent but for his breathing, as the three eventually all took in the guy with the gun. He couldn't remember hearing their names in the announcements, but that wasn't a guarantee. Today's announcement still hadn't gone out - they might have killed a dozen people this morning or even last night.

"Fuck this."

John's eyes widened as Sofia began stalking towards him, brandishing her lead pipe. This wasn't a good thing. He hadn't reloaded yet, meaning the gun was useless.

"Drop that fucking gun or find out what lead tastes like. Your choice."

Or was it?

"Fuck off!" he stated, levelling the shotgun at her. When that didn't slow her pace noticeably, he realised she might be calling his bluff. From what he's seen, it would be believable that Danya would give someone a gun but no ammunition. Or he might have already used his ammo. Or not reloaded.

He shifted the weapon quickly, turning it to take hold of the barrel. The weight of it was very different this way, making it seem heavier due to his inability to hold it firmly. But he didn't consider that as he swung the shotgun like a club. "Stay the fuck off!" he shouted, a mash-up of 'stay the hell away' and 'fuck off'. He swung it several times even though he wasn't sure if he was trying to hit her or just keep that pipe out of his teeth.
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