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How cute.
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Well, it certainly seemed like Sofia wasn't the only one who panicked at the sight of John with his shotgun. Vivien was there and he actually whimpered; if that was his reaction to danger then maybe Sofia really didn't have anything to worry about, at least when it came to Viv. Really, he wasn't armed, he was probably the vainest gay man she'd ever met... and let's face it, he didn't look too intimidating when he was being fabulous. Really, she didn't have much cause to fear Vivien, or even Janet as she was standing nearby awaiting an answer to her questions regarding a map. A map? Really? There was a guy with a shotgun nearby and she wanted a map? Maybe she should get her priorities straight...

"Don't you have your own map? Or better yet, don't you think this is a really, really bad time to be asking for a map?"

She motioned to John, bringing more attention to the gun-toting boy as she once again looked to the cliffs and the sea and the surrounding areas. Where could she run to, where could she hide if she needed to get away? Sure, the quickest and probably safest route would be to jump off the cliff... but could she really survive that kind of fall? Who knew what was waiting for her at the bottom of that cliff. The water might not be very deep, it could be hiding a bunch of jagged rocks for all she knew and she didn't really think she could jump far enough away from the cliff to avoid them if that was the case.

But even then... it became awfully tempting when thoughts drifted back to the reason she was even at the cliff. Why she had been looking for Colin. Things really might be better if she... well, y'know.

Fuck it. If I'm going to die... I'm not going to do it cowering in fear. I can't just sit here wondering if he's going to shoot me. He's either going to do it or he isn't... and I'm not going to give him time to think about it!

"Fuck this."

Well, talk about a mood swing. In a moment, Sofia had gone from contemplating suicide and fearing for her life and safety to tightening her grip on the lead pipe and storming toward John as quickly as she could. There was no way in hell she was going to let him stop her from making Colin pay for what he did, for the chances and choices that he took from her. She wasn't about to let him slow her down or turn her road in to a dead end. No fucking way. It was time to make another choice...

Do or die.

Do or fucking die!

"Drop that fucking gun or find out what lead tastes like. Your choice."

Big risk... but is there even a chance for a reward?
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