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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(There's no excuse for this. Sorry Rattle.)


Why the fuck was she thanking him?

No. Seriously. Why? If she was so thankful, then why did she leave?

Everyone was leaving. It was the new trend. Zach Jamis hate trends. First Sam, now Mizore.

Fucking people always fucking leaving.

Zach threw the paper on the ground and exhaled. Why the hell did she have to go and do something like this? She was perfectly fine here. She had two other people protecting her fucking rebel ass. Out there, she'd get ripped alive. Just like Sam. God fucking damn it. It was enough to bring a guy to chain smoke fifty packs in a hour.

Zach Jamis didn't know what to do, which wasn't unusual for him. However, for the first time in this entire game, that really urked him.

... well.

Zach Jamis surmised that he'd have to go after her.

Was Zach Jamis actually worried about this bitch? Fuck no, no, no no no, of course not, where would you ever get an idea like that, stop being dumb. He just didn't want to be the asshole that would let people go off and get themselves killed. This was his pride on the line, what was left of it at least. And if Mizore was willing to ACTUALLY leave her , it probably meant she wanted them to follow her. At least that's the kind of reverse logic Zach was sure Mizore would use. "You want a cookie?" "No." "Alright! Fine! Be a little bitch, see if I care." "Jesus. Alright, give me one!" Of course Zach Jamis had always assumed that he was a good judge of character, so much so that he would make such a leap with such little evidence.

Zach Jamis was a pretty good detective in his own mind. He picked the letter back up and started walking.

"Hey." He said, prodding Kari with the edge of his boot.

He let the letter fall to the ground, right in front of Kari. Zach ignored the fact that she was probably still asleep. This shit was important.

"She's gone." He said, cigarette dangling from his mouth and his pack looped around his arms. "You know anything about this?"
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