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(Apologies for GMing on my part as well, but this post has been long overdue)

It seemed to happen almost in slow motion. Sebastian drew back the piece of wood, and George began hastily scrambling to get up the hill the rest of the way. But he might as well have been taking a leisurely stroll. Because before George had even come halfway up, there was a sickening crack, and Carly stumbled forward. But Sebastian wasn't done. As George froze in place, nearly losing his footing, Sebastian struck her again and again. And then she fell, rolling past George and coming to a stop on her side at the bottom of the hill. She wasn't moving.

No, she's fine...she's...she's just unconscious! She's...she's...

George's grip tightened, and as he turned back to see that Sebastian was losing his own footing on the hill, his entire expression became almost manic. With a sudden surge of balance, he came up the hill at a great speed, closing the gap between the two men. He wasn't going to be content with just punching Sebastian out as he originally intended. No, he was going to beat him, and he wasn't going to stop until he was a formless pile of meat. For every blow he had dealt to Carly, he was going to get a hundred.

He was upon him now. Drawing his fist back, George decided that he was going to start with his face and go from there. With a shriek of fury, he shot out his fist with reckless abandon, uncaring about whether it would hurt.

You're gonna pay! You're gonna pay, and you're gonna die!
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