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((Sorry about this crappy post, but I'm on Day 12, and I should be sleeping))

"Violet! Y-You're okay! Thank goodness!" Jimmy hadn't noticed the third girl. In a way, it might have been best (said girl was Madeleine Smith, responsible for the death of Jonathan Jarocki). He noted Jessie Anderson (mainly due to hockey). The other three that he had seen originally (Mike, Violet, and Courtney) were a mystery to him as well.

"Indeed, I guess you are. I... We're not interrupting anything, are we? I'd hate to intrude on anything... Anything private." Alan was either trying to make inroads with the group or (quite possibly) backtrack for one of their comments. He looked around at the group that he and Alan had just come upon: the short girl that had called out seemed scared, Jessie seemed nervous (because seven people was pushing it for a group, but Jimmy didn't realize that), the girl in the black sweatshirt (Courtney) seemed nervous (because she wanted to join up with Violet and Mike) and as for the guy and the punky girl, well, they were suspicious (with good reason - they had witnessed Ilario Fiametta killing Jackson Ockley).

"Is everything okay? In spite of my weapon, we don't want to hurt anyone. I'm Jimmy, this is Alan," he motioned to Alan. He couldn't help it, but he was a little nervous as well. Please don't go psycho on us, we don't want to fight. Please ...
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