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As Sunil's senses returned to him and his mind reorganised itself into something usable, he finally noticed what the hell was going on what in front of him, and began piecing together the situation.

In the chaotic struggle that was unfolding in front of him, Sunil considered getting involved, but Garry (who he presumed was the one who was most likely on his side) seemed to have it handled. And anyway, all Sunil could have done was throw cans at Jake's face. While throwing one of those useless cans in someone's face was one of his secondary goals for his time on the island, he decided against it. His bag was just out of his reach, and it may have hit Garry in the face, or missed by a wide margin.

So, he just held his ground, sweating in fear and trembling in anticipation. His eyes followed the fight, taking in every little detail. The cuts, bruises and wounds the two received.

It was a short fight; a suspenseful, brutal, vicious fight, but one that nevertheless ended fairly quickly. Before Sunil knew it, Jake was lying comatose on the floor.

Garry was still conscious, but he didn't look happy with what had just happened.

Cautiously, Sunil climbed to his feet, and began to edge towards the scene, his eyes firmly on Garry and Jake.
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