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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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((Annaliese Hansen continued from Jesus Loves the Little Children))

Annaliese hitched her bag higher up onto her shoulder as she walked along. Twice she had encountered classmates who had started out normal enough but turned into deranged psycho killer. Twice. In a row. She had to wonder if it was something she was somehow causing. Some planets in opposition, or maybe some weird conjunction that she was unaware of was occuring. That would explain the entire fiasco that was this trip.

Nothing about this situation makes sense. Everything was off center and out of balance. The stress of the whole situation was starting to get to her. Annaliese took a deep cleansing breath as she looked at the chakram cluctched in her off hand. As much as she didn't want to be hauling a weapon around, she was too afraid after the last two incidents to put it away. She rolled her neck, feeling the muscles protest. If she could just find a quiet area and get some meditation and yoga stretches in she was sure the world would make much more sense.

Annaliese slowed as she approached the U-shaped cluster of buildings. The houses looked calm and peaceful. But experience had proven that nothing here could be taken at face value. Sounds of voices drew her towards one dwelling. Peering in through a window, she saw Sarah and the French girl, Alice with some boy. Things still looked copacetic.

Knocking on the windowframe next to the busted out pane, Annaliese tried to look at nonthreatening as possible. She gave the threesome a jaunty little wave. "Hola peoples. Is it okay if I hang out with you guys for awhile?"
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