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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Sarah Atwell continued from A Moment Remembered))

Sarah had decided to head to the residential district first. Not only because it was relatively close, but the chances of finding someone who knew where one of the killers were was a lot higher than wandering around in the wilderness, plus now that she had somewhat regained part of her sanity she was simply wanting to just sit in a house and feel moderately clean for a moment. Whether it was by chance or by fate Sarah and Alice had picked the first house they had come to and wandered straight in to the bedroom where Tyler was resting.

Sarah paused in the doorway, watching the slumbering figure for a moment. A tiny voice in her head called out to her, the faintest whisper of the monster she now struggled to contain.

It would be so easy, so simple. One little nick and you could watch him bleed out slowly, looking up with you with pleading eyes as his life drained away.

Sarah's hands subconsciously went to her pocket to pick up the scalpel. The cool familiar steel making her pulse rise. She moved to draw it out but stopped. The warm feeling of Alice's fingers were clasped tight around Sarah's wrist, gentle enough to not be forceful but strong enough to prevent her moving. Sarah released the blade and nodded at her companion. Although she hadn't said it Sarah was grateful for having Alice follow her. Without the French girl's moderation she feared she would regress back to the monster she became. Giving her a slight nod Sarah wandered over to the sleeping boy. There was no way of telling how long he had been asleep for. Maybe minutes, maybe hours, it didn't matter. She needed information. Sarah placed a hand gently on Tyler's shoulder and shook him softly. Brushing away a wayward strand of hair from her face she spoke quietly to the boy.

"Hey, hey. Wake up."

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