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Rachel proceeded to ramble on about escaping and saving people and defending herself. Wait, so she knew a way off? Rachel Gettys, the meaniehead religious freak, knew how to escape?

... Nope. Apparently "leaving the island" translates to "going to Heaven".

As Rachel rambled on, Chase couldn't help but silently make the sign of the cross over her chest. If she was God, she would be having a conniption fit over this, right now. Seriously. By the sound of things, she had been going around preaching to people and killing them if they didn't listen to her. Go figure.

To make matters worse, Ben let Alex tag along apparently. He let Rasputin, someone who she had personally witnessed eviscerating someone with a chainsaw, come follow them. He said that he made him lose it, but that still didn't mean that he wasn't going to find another way to kill someone. He could steal a weapon or something. Heck, he looked like the type to able to break someone's neck with his bare hands, tiny little girls especially.

Oh, and to add a cherry to this oh-so-charming sundae?

Ben didn't realize what the hell Rachel was talking about. He thought that she genuinely had an escape plan, like SADD or whatever was that thing that Jon had told her about once. She didn't. She meant "saving them from their horrible, sin-filled lives". She didn't flat out say it, but the subtext, that little implication, was there. But what if Rachel had something planned to them to genuinely escape? Well, better safe than sorry, right?

Better safe than...

Chase put both hands to her face, and started trembling again. Oh god, she was screwed, wasn't she? Screwed screwed screwed to hell and back. It didn't help that she was still tired and hungry, as well.

Well, thankfully, Retro-Guy and Spiky-Head were taking care of things. Retro-Guy said that they already had an escape plan in mind, and Spiky-Head started telling them to take Marty downstream and wake him up. As she moved her hands away, she saw her pull out a piece of bread. Bread... oh god. Even though it looked stale, to Chase it looked like a medieval feast. Her mouth started to water at the very sight of it. It had indeed been a while since she had eaten, and for a few seconds her stomach started to lightly growl, as if in anticipation of the bread. It was Marty's though, apparently, which meant she couldn't have it.

Everyone was in agreement that they do the water thing, though, even if only in an attempt to get away from Rachel. Spiky-Head started to give instructions to Ben, telling him that he should go with them and make sure nothing happens. Looking closely, Chase noticed she was gesturing towards Rachael, as if trying to tell him that she was out of her gourd.

As dyed hair girl started to approach Marty, Chase stepped forward. "Uh... here. Lemme help you get him."

With that, she attempted to lift Marty up. Oh god, he was heavy! Sure, he wasn't as big as some of the other boys at Bayview, but he was still bigger than her, like most of the people she knew. Combined with the bag still on her shoulder, and needless to say, things were difficult. After a bit of fumbling, she could at least get him off the ground by hoisting his arm over her shoulders, allowing her to carry his weight a little easier. Even with that, though, she was going to need help, as she was probably going to drop him or literally drag him around, which was in no way going to help his condition. Hopefully dyed hair girl wasn't just going to leave her to carrying him around like this.

It was funny, wasn't it? Even with all the insanity around them, even as Chase thought they were maniacs, they were working together to not be killed by Rachel and to make sure Marty was alright. This was a major change compared to the beach, obviously. And of course, she simply wasn't crying and freaking out as much, and was actually doing something for once.

((GMing approved, by the way))

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