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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim was relieved that Jacob didn't react harshly to Colin's incident with Tony. He figured that it would be pretty easy to grow paranoid over someone else's kill. Other than what that Mr. Danya said over the daily announcements, it was no telling what had really happened. Had it been an accident at all? Did something completely different happen? The only person that knew the truth was Danya (and his crew, of course), and, in his high-up position, he didn't even have to tell the truth if he didn't want to. He was the king of this castle.

Regardless, Jacob didn't try to shout or back away or flail wildly. He seemed to understand. Tim was happy with that reaction -- understanding. It was better than paranoid or on-edge.

Jacob mentioned something about finding his friends, so Tim nodded with enthusiasm and managed a small smile. It was good to hear Jacob talk about someone that wasn't Paige (and therefore, wasn't dead), so he figured everything was heading in the right direction. "Alright. We can keep an eye out for any of your friends. It would be nice to have a few more allies in our group. The more the merrier, huh?"

Jacob mentioned that he no longer had his stuff, so Tim nodded. "I haven't really eaten much of my rations, so I don't mind sharing. At least until we can find.. more." He shook his head, wondering what corpse they would have to take rations from. That was the only way to secure more food, right? Taking it from a dead student? Ugh. Tim lost even more of his appetite, but his mind was whipped into another direction. Colin was speaking, asking Jacob if he could make it far on that leg. Tim didn't bother to listen to Jacob's response, as it didn't matter much if he could make it far. It wasn't like they were going to stay on this damn beach any longer, and if Jacob wanted to rest every once in awhile, it wasn't like Colin or Tim would deny him that rest. They weren't sadists.

Colin seemed to have a traveling plan as he looked at his map. Tim nodded in agreement and started walking in the direction that Colin had indicated -- the direction that Jacob had came from. "I'm ready. Let's go!"

Tim didn't bother to ask why Colin wanted to avoid people. How would they form a nice, safe group if they were avoiding people? But he just figured that Colin was afraid to run into killers. As were most people, of course, but Tim thought that avoiding people would just deprive them of allies. But did they need anyone else? Did they need another person in their small group that they didn't know very well? Someone that could stab in their backs or steal their rations when they weren't looking? Tim glanced back at Colin and Jacob. Colin being his current best friend (Tim had other friends, but they were mostly younger than him, and thus, safe. And seeing as he'd most likely never see them again, Colin was now his closest friend). And then there was a Jacob. Jacob seemed like a very decent guy, he'd never hurt them. Tim trusted him even though he'd only been with the guy for a few days. But if he could trust these two, could he trust anyone else?

Tim was sure he'd figure out where his trust lied eventually.

((Timothy Questiare continued in Stay Frosty))
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