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It was happening quickly. Jake barely comprehended any of it. He was somewhere else.

Kill Rip Tear Beat Do it

Something snapped over his head. It felt almost like a pillow to him.

Ignore it He is not a nice man

The cinderblock vibrated slightly in his hand. Blood was drawn.

Use me I will solve all your problems

Something stung under his eye. His hand was suddenly light. Empty. The pain was getting worse.

Retrieve me I can help you

Everything was a multicolor blur. His headache suddenly spiked.

I am your friend

He was falling. The orange was above him now.

You need me

Everything went black. No more thoughts came.


Had Jake Crimson survived Survival of the Fittest, he would have been a new case study for psychologists everywhere. One of the best examples of the effects the terrorists' game had on the children's minds.

Jake Crimson was susceptible to schizophrenia. The condition was hereditary, passed down through his mother's side. However, it had never triggered. He remained undiagnosed throughout his entire life. Unfortunately for him, the stress of the game had gotten to him. Being an excellent cause to trigger symptoms, it hit. And thus, Jake Crimson attempted to kill someone on the orders of the one object that caused all his woes.

This one object was also what doomed him. A knockout blow from his own clumsiness on Day 2 did not merely leave him in the dark upon awakening. Cerebral aneurysms are a nasty, slow way to go.

Jake remained in a coma for the rest of the day. At approximately 1:03 AM, everything ended.

He never knew that, though. Unthinking. Unfeeling. As responsive as the grass he lay on. For seven hours, Jake Crimson was a vegetable.

And then no more.

B084: Jake Crimson - Deceased
Characters for v4

Christopher Carlson: B052
Weapons: Brass knuckles

Jake Crimson: B084 (Adopted)
Weapons: Cinderblock

Characters for v5

Clayton Leven: B050
Weapons: Handcuffs

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