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((All GMing in this post has been pre-approved))

So this guy wasn't going to be killing the other boy now (yeah, the person on the ground definitely looked like he was a boy, or it was a very manly looking girl), so that was good. Bad news was that now he was charging towards Garry with a large brick in hand. 'Aw hell, what have I just got myself into?'

It was too late to back down now, the boy was closing in fast. Garry held the branch steady and slowed to a stop, anticipating the incoming attack. 'Have to stop him, have to hit him, but where? The head, yeah, that has to slow him down and give us a chance to get out of here.' Jake got closer, raising the cinderblock and preparing to strike. Garry was ready and waiting, and he swung the branch at Jake's head as soon as he was in range.

Unfortunately, having been lying on the forest floor for several days at least, the branch Garry had picked up had become moldy and had rotted inside. As a result, the moment it made contant with his attacker's skull, the branch simply broke into two pieces and did virtually nothing to help.

"Oh... fuck," Garry spoke, staring in disbelief at the shattered piece of wood in his hands. That was not meant to happen. He didn't have time to linger on his broken 'weapon' though, for Jake was still very much able to attack, seemingly unperturbed by the weak blow to his head. He swung the block downwards, Garry moving his body and attempting to dodge out of the way of certain death.

While he managed to avoid a fatal hit to the top of his head, the corner of the cinderblock caught just below his left temple and scraped painfully down his cheek, leaving a much uglier wound than Clio's nails could ever hope to achieve. And it hurt a lot more as well. Garry cried out, stepping backwards and putting his left hand to where the pain was originating from. The side of his face badly stung when he touched it and he could feel warm blood leaking onto his fingers. 'Oh that sonofabitch!'

Jake swung the brick backwards, preparing for a second go round. Garry knew that he had to prevent him from attacking again, and so his first reaction was to hurl the remains of the piece of wood at Jake's face. It seemed to work; it hit him just below his eye, making him let go of the cinderblock in mid-swing so it flew backwards and hit the ground behind him with a dull thud.

It didn't completely stop Jake and he still came at Garry, using his fists in place of a weapon. Garry put his muscled arms up, trying to weather the strikes that rained down on him. One punch made it through his defenses though and clocked him straight in the chin. Garry staggered backwards away from Jake, moaning and holding his aching chin, succeeding in coating his beard with even more blood. He glared at Jake, breathing heavily as his temper finally snapped. "You bastard! You think you're so damn tough, don't you?!" he snarled, narrowing his eyes at the boy before him. "I'll give you tough!"

Like a wolf pouncing its prey, Garry lunged at Jake.

His shoulder made contact with Jake's chest, shoving him backwards, so much so that he lost his footing and tumbled over backwards. Garry remained upright, watching and panting as Jake fell. Watching as he collapsed on the ground among the stumps.

Watching as he struck the back of his head on the cinderblock that had fallen behind him.

'Wha-oh shit... that-that wasn't meant to happen!'
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