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"Hey! Drop the fucking brick, now!"

A voice was heard distantly in the background, faintly ringing in Jake's ears. It was mostly disguised by his heart pounding, distracted in the heat of the moment by the impending murder.

His headache was back. He turned.

Big man with a beard, Garry the fucking werewolf, holding a tree branch. He felt a distant sense of deja vu at the sight of his weapon, but couldn't quite place it. Either way, he was about ready to beat the crap out of this dude. "You ready, buddy?" he growled, hefting the cinderblock in his right hand.

I've always been ready

The voice was gritty, rough. Slightly mocking. Somehow, Jake knew where it was coming from. Despite the tone it was strangely comforting. The kind of voice that would always bring you good suggestions. Jake accepted the voice. His eyes began to blur slightly.

He charged.

The headache was getting worse.
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